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Tourism in Liguria – What to see near Villa il Poggiolo

Liguria and the Riviera of Flowers don’t mean just beaches!

Diano Marina is in a strategic position which makes it an ideal base for visiting Liguria and the nearby Côte d’Azur.

There are many places that are worth visiting, unmissable attractions and points of interest that are just a few kilometres from Villa il Poggiolo.

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Liguria Map

RIVIERA OF FLOWERS and its hinterland: click on the image to zoom in on the map

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To help you explore our marvellous region, we have prepared a series of itineraries based on the distance from Villa il Poggiolo.


Km 3 Km... Cervo Ligure - Diano Castello - Excursion to Diano Gorleri
Km 15 Km... Laigueglia / Alassio - Imperia (Oneglia - Porto Maurizio, Parasio)
Km 40 Km... Sanremo - Final Borgo - Bussana Vecchia
Km 60/70 Km... Dolceacqua - Triora - Apricale - Airole - Principality of Seborga - Hanbury Botanical Gardens
Km 80 Km... Principality of Monaco - Montecarlo
Km 90 Km... Nice - Côte d’Azur
Km 110 Km... Genoa - Europe’s largest Aquarium
Km 130 Km... Cannes - Costa Azzurra
Km 140 Km... Portofino
Km 200 Km... Five Lands - Le 5 Terre: Monterosso, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola, Riomaggiore

Diano Marina

Diano Marina
Diano Marina  

A well-known seaside town, particularly famous for its agreeable climate.

With its gulf situated between two promontories, this whole stretch of coast is a non-stop series of beaches with full facilities and walks by the sea along the 7-kilometre section which goes from Diano Marina to San Bartolomeo al Mare, all the way to Cervo Ligure.

Diano has an extremely well preserved historic centre, with a large pedestrian area where you will find shops, bars and restaurants.

Cervo Ligure

Not to be missed: just 3 kilometres away...

Rated as one of “Italy’s most beautiful villages”, Cervo should be visited on foot.

Visitors can walk as far as the Chiesa dei Corallini, the church situated in a panoramic position, where the “International Chamber Music Festival” is held in summer.

Walking at night through its characteristic “caruggi” (narrow streets between the houses) you will think you have gone back in time!

Diano Castello
Diano Castello

An ancient village, just above Diano Marina

Diano Gorleri
Diano Gorleri

We recommend an outing to Diano Gorleri, as far as the large transmitter mast. Continuing along the “Capo Berta” coast towards the sea, you will be able to enjoy two exceptional views: on your right Imperia and on your left Diano Marina!

Imperia (Oneglia)
Imperia Oneglia

7 Km away...

The provincial capital Imperia is split into two parts: Oneglia and Porto Maurizio, both with a tourist and commercial port.

In Oneglia it is possible to visit “Villa Grock”, which belonged to a famous clown, and the  (Museum of the Olive) owned by Carli, the olive oil company, with the history of olive oil production from our native “Olive Taggiasche”.

Imperia (Porto Maurizio)
Imperia Porto Maurizio

In Porto Maurizio we recommend a visit to the “Parasio”, with its ancient Cathedral and a not-to-be-missed visit to the “Logge di Santa Chiara”.

Every year, in September, the international event “Vele d’Epoca” is held, along with the Classic Yachts Challenge with the finest craft from all over the world taking part.


15 Km away...

The old maritime village of the coral fishermen, a stone’s throw from the more widely known town of Alassio.


A seaside resort town, and a popular destination with the English nobility since the beginning of the nineteenth century.

Don’t miss the “Budello”, a narrow street with many shops, and the “Muretto”, which commemorates all of the famous people who have visited Alassio.


40 Km away...

An old medieval village in the province of Savona, rated one of “Italy’s most beautiful villages”.


Sanremo is home to one of the five casinos that exist in Italy, a major tourist port (Portosole), and is Italy’s floriculture capital.
Every year, in February, the “Festival della Canzone Italiana” is held at the “Teatro Ariston”.

Bussana Vecchia

Near Sanremo we find Bussana Vecchia, an old village which was destroyed by an earthquake in the late nineteenth century and was colonised after the Second World War by a collective of artists.

Amid its ancient ruins one finds artists’ workshops and craft shops, a vegetarian restaurant and a botanical garden named “Il giardino tra i ruderi” (“The Garden amid the Ruins”). A must-visit.


60/70 Km away...

It’s called “La città delle streghe” (“The Town of the Witches”) because here, during the time of the Inquisition, many local women were tortured and killed by the Church.

It is home to the “Museo della Stregoneria” (“Museum of Witchcraft”) which tells of these centuries-old episodes.

Take the opportunity to buy some delicious “Pane di Triora”.

Rated as one of “Italy’s most beautiful villages


It is an ancient medieval village. The ruins of the old castle and a beautiful bridge which inspired some of Monet’s paintings are what remains.

For wine lovers, here is where the excellent “Rossese di Dolceacqua” is produced.


Apricale, too, is also rated as one of “Italy’s most beautiful villages”, and is a well-preserved medieval village


For the “European Community” it is a “Site of Community Importance”.

It is the Italian municipality with the highest proportion of foreigners: 35% of the population (totalling just 490 residents) come from 17 different countries. Many of them are Dutch and German.

Hanbury Botanical Gardens.
Giardini Hambury

Between Ventimiglia and the French border lies the splendid garden of Villa Hanbury.

Sir Thomas Hanbury was an English nobleman and a keen traveller who, in the mid-nineteenth century, brought botanical species here from all over the world.

Principality of Seborga.

The inhabitants of Seborga, which lies above Bordighera, are still convinced that their land is a principality that is independent from Italy.

They have their own currency (the “Luigino” worth $6 at current exchange rates), their own registration plates and passport. Their sovereign is Prince Marcello I.

Principality of Monaco - Montecarlo

80 Km away...

If however you wish to visit a “true” principality, just beyond the border lies Monte Carlo, a true financial paradise.

In many places the most unbridled luxury reigns: you can play at the famous casino, dine at the Café de Paris, or see a concert at the Sporting Club.

A visit to the Royal Palace (Palais du Prince) is a must, to witness the changing of the guard, at 11.55 a.m. every day.

Nice and the Côte d’Azur.

90 Km away...

Nice is the “capital” of the Côte d’Azur, with its extremely long “Promenade des Anglais”, which features the famous “Hotel Negresco”.


Beautiful beaches and a famous promenade, the “Croisette”, where each year international movie stars strut, during the “Cannes Festival”.


110 Km away...

Capital of the Liguria region, Genoa is an endlessly fascinating city by the sea.

Visit the “Porto Antico” (“Old Port”) where the biggest attraction is the Aquarium, the largest in Europe.

Roam the characteristic “caruggi” (narrow streets) of the old part of the city behind the port, and try some of Liguria’s traditional dishes for lunch.

We recommend the “Antica Trattoria di Vico Palla”, just a stone’s throw from the Old Port.


140 Km away...

The smallest municipality in the province of Genoa (with not even 500 inhabitants) but the most famous in the world too, for the élite tourism that comes here.

We recommend a visit to the San Fruttoso Abbey in Camogli, an abbey which can only be reached by boat or a long excursion on foot through the marvellous Mediterranean scrub of the Portofino promontory (a whole day).

Five Lands - Le Cinque Terre.

200 Km away...

The Cinque Terre are five ancient fishing villages ensconced on a stretch of coast that falls sheer into the sea, with bays and little beaches, thousands of kilometres of dry stone walls marking the terraces for vine-growing, paths with splendid views over the sea and slopes of the land.

A naturalistic oasis, and a UNESCO World, Environmental and Cultural Heritage site (UNESCO World Heritage List).

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